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Mental health evaluation held for final defendant in Guillen murder



Mental health evaluation held for final defendant in Guillen murder

Up to date:

(HOLMES COUNTY ADVERTISER) — A psychological well being analysis was held earlier this week for William Shane Parker, who’s charged within the 2020 murder of 51-year-old Raul Ambriz Guillen with premeditated homicide, abuse of a useless human physique, and tampering with proof.

Public Defender Derick Blount suggested the courtroom in a pre-trial listening to held Wednesday that Parker could be present process a psychological well being analysis the next day and must be prepared for trial in roughly a month.

Whereas there aren’t any felony trial dates for the rest of the yr, Choose Timothy Register acknowledged he want to see this go to trial earlier than the tip of the yr.

“This has been on the books lengthy sufficient,” mentioned Choose Register. “If we have to use one of many misdemeanor trial dates to get that completed, then we are going to try this.”  

Parker is about for an additional pre-trial listening to on November 17.

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Every day Fiber Necessities: An Important Information



Every day Fiber Necessities: An Important Information

In comparison with protein or omega-3 fatty acids, fiber could not at all times be probably the most thrilling matter on the planet of vitamin. It’s a extremely essential one, although. 

As a result of most of us eat so little fiber, it’s been a “nutrient of concern” in accordance with the USDA since 2005. 

And there’s each motive to be involved about fiber. Solely about 5% of Americans meet the minimal really helpful day by day fiber necessities. 

The typical North American solely eats about 17 grams per day after they want extra like 25 to 35 grams.

The checklist of the reason why fiber is a should for good well being is lengthy. 

For starters, it helps control blood sugar, protects your heart, helps decrease risk of colorectal cancer, helps your attain and preserve a healthy body weight, and has been proven to lower your risk of mortality

If all this has you saying “go the oatmeal,” we perceive. 

Right here’s what you might want to learn about dietary fiber and how one can be sure to get sufficient in your day by day weight-reduction plan.

Understanding Dietary Fiber

In a nutshell, dietary fiber is a type of carbohydrate that our our bodies can’t absolutely digest. It’s present in plant-based meals.  

Not like sugars, fat, and proteins, fiber passes through our system mostly intact. However despite the fact that we are able to’t break it down to make use of for vitality, high-fiber recipes do an entire bunch of fine stuff inside us.

Soluble vs Insoluble Fiber: Know the Distinction

Now, what’s the position of fiber? There are two principal kinds of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Whereas each are essential, they work in several methods. 

Soluble fiber—present in oats, barley, beans, lentils, peas, apples, and citrus fruits—acts like tiny sponges in your digestive system. When it comes into contact with water, it soaks it up and forms a gel-like substance that:

  • Slows down sugar absorption. Soluble fiber helps forestall blood sugar spikes, which is nice for folk with type-2 diabetes or anybody who desires to maintain their vitality ranges regular.
  • Lowers dangerous ldl cholesterol. Soluble dietary fiber prevents ldl cholesterol particles from sticking round. Consuming ​​5-10 grams or more can assist decrease your low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and enhance your coronary heart well being.
  • Will increase satiety. The gel fashioned by dietary-fiber-rich meals could make you feel full for longer. This may be useful for managing weight.

The insoluble fiber in meals, then again, doesn’t dissolve in water. It passes by means of your intestine just about as it enters your body

It’s like a pure broom in your intestines that helps you progress issues alongside, helping with constipation. You can find it in complete grains, legumes, and greens—particularly leafy greens and roots.

Well being Advantages of Fiber

Fiber is a necessary a part of a nutritious diet and gives a huge variety of health benefits. Assembly your day by day fiber necessities could assist:

As a latest study shows, consuming extra fiber could even assist you to lose a some weight. 

Kinds of Fiber

It’s simple to overestimate the quantity of fiber you get in a day. Some individuals eat a aspect salad or an apple, and cross fiber off their checklist of issues to eat as we speak. 

To get the quantity of fiber you want, you’ll need to embody quite a lot of fiber wealthy meals all through your day.

Right here’s a breakdown of what meals to incorporate in your meals to succeed in your day by day fiber necessities:

  • ​​Legumes: Legumes embody beans, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans, and peas. A single cup of cooked lentils can present over 15 grams of fiber
  • Fruits: Berries, pears, apples, and different fruits are excessive in fiber. A medium apple with the pores and skin on has about 4.5 grams of fiber.
  • Greens: Artichokes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and many other vegetables are all excessive in fiber. A medium-sized avocado, for instance, has over 13 grams of fiber. 
  • Entire grains: Brown rice and quinoa are wonderful decisions to up your day by day fiber consumption. A cup of cooked quinoa supplies about 5.2 grams of fiber.
  • Nuts and seeds: Almonds, chia seeds, pistachios, and sunflower kernels, are all excessive in fiber. 1 / 4 cup of almonds has about 3.5 grams.

While you go meals procuring, don’t neglect to test the vitamin labels. You gained’t discover the identical fiber content material in white bread as in whole-grain bread, for instance. 

Understanding how a lot fiber every merchandise in your cart has will assist you to make higher decisions to be sure to’re consuming sufficient dietary fiber-rich meals.

How A lot Fiber Do You Want Per Day?

Adults want a naked minimal of 21 to 38 grams of fiber, relying on age and gender, to maintain your physique glad and wholesome.

To satisfy your day by day fiber necessities, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends the next day by day consumption:

  • Kids: 19-25 grams per day
  • Ladies: 21-26 grams per day
  • Males: 30-38 grams per day

Additionally Learn: Are You Eating Enough Fiber? Get Your Fiber Score

What Does a Full Day of Fiber Look Like?

Attending to your minimal day by day fiber necessities could really feel a bit daunting when you’re new to the territory. The excellent news is that it’s not rocket science. 

So, what does 30 grams of fiber appear to be? Right here’s a pattern meal plan that provides as much as greater than 40 grams of fiber for the day:


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats cooked with water or plant-based milk (8g)
  • 1 cup berries (7g) 
  • 1/4 cup chopped almonds (3g) 


An enormous salad with:

  • 2 cups blended greens (.8g)
  • 1 cup cooked chickpeas (13g)
  • 1/2 cup chopped carrots (1.7g)


  • Salmon with 1 cup of roasted brussels sprouts (6g)
  • 1 cup quinoa (5g)

In fact, you’ll be able to adjust portion sizes and components based mostly in your preferences. In the event you want a hand calculating how a lot fiber you eat, utilizing a vitamin and meals monitoring app like MyFitnessPal could be your greatest guess.

Additionally Learn: 8 High-Fiber Meals That Support Weight Loss

Incessantly Requested Questions

How do I be sure I’ve sufficient fiber? 

Add fiber-rich meals to your plate each probability you get. Attain for fruits, greens, complete grains, and beans. Preserve a meals diary or use the MyFitnessPal app to trace your consumption and watch your grams of dietary fiber add up. 

What are indicators or signs of not sufficient fiber?

Contemplating 95% of Individuals aren’t getting sufficient fiber, you in all probability don’t want an indication to know you might want to eat extra fiber. However when you ever battle with constipation, that’s a touch you might in all probability use extra fiber.

How do I be sure I’m assembly my protein targets and getting sufficient fiber with out going over my calorie objective?

Good decisions make this completely doable, in accordance with  Katherine Basbaum, Registered Dietitian, MyFitnessPal. “Incorporate high-fiber, low-calorie greens like broccoli, spinach, and carrots into your meals,” she says. When you’ll be able to, go for fiber-rich complete grains over refined grains. To satisfy protein and fiber targets on the identical time, Basbaum recommends together with beans and lentils. “They’re excessive in fiber and in addition provide protein to maintain you full,” she says. For snacks go for decrease calorie choices like apples and berries.

Can I get an excessive amount of fiber?

Some individuals overdo it after they change to a high-fiber weight-reduction plan. They attempt to improve fiber too shortly, which may result in gas, bloating, and cramps. So take it sluggish and ramp up the quantity of fiber you eat steadily.  Janese Laster, MD, and MyFitnessPal Scientific Advisory Council member recommends rising your fiber consumption by 5g per week till you hit 25g (for girls) or 38g (for males).

Ought to I take a fiber complement?

With any complement, you might want to speak to your physician. In the event you’re really unable to satisfy your fiber wants by means of weight-reduction plan alone, a complement could possibly be useful. Your physician can assist you select the best kind of fiber and quantity in your particular scenario.

Initially printed January 9, 2019; Up to date July 22, 2024

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12 Meals to Enhance Focus & Mind Energy



12 Meals to Enhance Focus & Mind Energy

It’s possible you’ll already know that getting lively could assist your brain to grow and change. But it surely’s not simply exercise that gives the brain a boost. Enter: meals for focus.

There are additionally many meals that may additionally help mental performance. So, in the event you battle to focus all through the day, your weight loss plan could also be contributing to the issue.

Does Your Weight loss program Actually Have an Influence on Focus and Productiveness?

Your weight loss plan and your mind are intimately related. Including wholesome meals to your meals and snacks can boost concentration and maintain you alert. In fact, you’ll be able to’t simply attain for something to eat—the precise meals selections you make matter. 

Registered dietitian and MyFitnessPal scientific advisor Erin Palinski-Wade suggests selecting meals that embrace each high-fiber slow-digested carbs and lean protein. Examples embrace hen breast with broccoli or black beans with brown rice. 

Colorful fruits and vegetables

12 Meals For Improved Focus

Lean proteins, wholesome fat, leafy greens, greens, fruits, and nuts are all good brain food

We requested Palinski-Wade to suggest 12 meals which have been proven to assist maintain psychological power and enhance focus:

1. Eggs

Your physique wants gasoline after an evening’s relaxation, and a latest research confirmed that high-quality protein within the morning can present a boost of energy and concentration. Eggs are an ideal addition to high-protein breakfasts and contain all nine essential amino acids your mind and physique want.

“Eggs additionally embrace choline,” says Palinski-Wade, “which plays a role in regulating reminiscence, temper, and different cognitive features.”

2. Rooster

Rooster is one other brain-smart meals containing all nine essential amino acids. Rooster breast is a lean protein, probably the greatest sources of this crucial nutrient. Rooster breast incorporates B vitaminszinc, and seleniumall known to assist cognitive efficiency. 

To get extra hen in your weight loss plan, attempt a few of our favourite dietitian-approved recipes:

3. Greek yogurt

Yogurt is wealthy in B nutritional vitamins and will cut back irritation, which can defend towards cognitive impairment, in keeping with preliminary research. Another study discovered an affiliation between consuming low-fat yogurt often and improved reminiscence in males. 

Yogurt additionally contains probiotics—a microorganism that some individuals name wholesome micro organism—that stay within the abdomen and promote gut healthMultiple studies have even proven the impression of fermented meals on cognitive operate.

4. Salmon

If you wish to improve your brainpower, take into account heading to the seafood counter in your subsequent grocery run. 

“Salmon is a wonderful supply of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, that are important for the mind and play a role in reminiscence, focus, and general cognition,” says Palinski-Wade.

Due to these acids, fatty fish like salmon are identified to  encourage blood flow within the mind. 

Try these healthy salmon recipes for concepts on together with extra of this superfood into your weight loss plan.

5. Almonds

What’s higher than a scrumptious, plant-based, protein-packed snack that requires zero prep and plays nice with others

Almonds might help you concentrate due to their  protein content material with out the sugar that may drag you down.

They also contain antioxidants, fiber, and good fats, balancing blood sugar.

6. Lentils

This plant-based protein is full of complicated carbohydrates. These slowly break down and convert to gasoline, offering a steady supply of glucose to the mind. The fiber in lentils additionally helps regulate blood sugar, serving to you keep away from power crashes. 

Lentils are straightforward to miss in the event you don’t know the best way to prepare dinner and use them. If that’s you, we’ve bought you lined.

Try these dietitian-approved, lentil recipes:

7. Quinoa

Quinoa is an entire grain and one other brain-friendly meals that will get forgotten. Identical to lentils, quinoa is excessive in fiber and complicated carbohydrates. 

“This mix of vitamins helps maintain stable energy levels and mental focus all through the day,” says Palinski-Wade.

The most effective issues about cooking with quinoa is its versatility. Add it to chili, tabbouleh, soup, or any salad for a nutrient improve and mind enhance.

A range of healthy high protein foods

8. Pistachios

Emerging research means that incorporating pistachios into the weight loss plan could have a number of potential advantages for mind well being, together with higher cognitive operate and fewer nervousness. 

Researchers suppose it could be the useful flavonoids present in pistachios, together with fat-soluble antioxidants, that contribute to improved cognitive efficiency.

Pistachios can even assist maintain blood sugar stability, stopping the blood sugar crashes that may take you out of the concentration zone

Research additionally recommend these nuts can play a role in lowering blood pressure, which a analysis crew at Johns Hopkins College discovered is linked to cognitive decline.

Pack a handful in a ziplock as a scrumptious deal with that may assist maintain you on observe.

9. Cottage Cheese

You might have seen cottage cheese is making a comeback in health-conscious circles, and for good reason.

“Some manufacturers are fortified with vitamin D, a nutrient that makes acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter that regulates reminiscence, temper, and different cognitive features,” 

Cottage cheese additionally has loads of protein, and research suggests that getting sufficient protein in your weight loss plan could play a job in maintaining you sharp and centered as you age.

10. Edamame

For those who’re on the lookout for good meals, attain for some soybeans. A 2020 study means that soy isoflavones–like these present in edamame–could enhance reminiscence and general mind operate.

Oh, and did we point out that steamed edamame are scrumptious? Sprinkle a pinch of salt to boost their taste, and embrace them in your snack rotation for a tasty deal with.

11. Spirulina

Spirulina has multiple benefits. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant results. In preliminary animal studies, it’s been proven to spice up studying and reminiscence whereas guarding towards cognitive decline.

You’ll normally discover the nutrient-dense plant in powdered type, making it straightforward so as to add a pinch to your morning smoothie or latte for a mind enhance.

12. Espresso

A cup of Joe is the go-to for work and research breaks for a cause. “In small quantities, caffeine may be useful and will assist to boost alertness,” Palinski-Wade says. 

Consider, extra will not be extra in the case of espresso. The FDA recommends no more than 400mg of caffeine per day (about three to 4 8-ounce cups of espresso) to keep away from any undesirable unwanted effects. Past that, keep on with decaf.

Regularly Requested Questions

What Meals Are Unhealthy for Focus?

One of many biggest culprits is sugar. Though it will probably enhance power for a short while, sugar could make it tough to focus. 

Excess sugar can really be detrimental to learning and memory,” warns Palinski-Wade. 

Right here’s what to keep away from for higher focus:

Fasted vs. fed: Which one is greatest for focus?

Health buffs argue about whether or not it is best to exercise in a “fasted” state (like within the morning earlier than breakfast) or whereas “fed” after a meal. However in the case of a psychological exercise like finding out for an examination or getting ready a presentation at work, there isn’t any debate. 

“I positively suggest being in a fed state in the case of studying, reminiscence, and productiveness,” says Palinski-Wade. “The brain needs fuel for optimal performance, and balanced blood sugar from a gentle power supply is key for psychological readability, pondering, and reminiscence … all of which may impression productiveness.”

So subsequent time you might want to focus, make sure that to eat a wholesome meal first as a part of your nutritious weight loss plan.

The function of meal timing: Does it have an effect on your capacity to focus?

One research means that when you eat is simply as essential as what you eat in the case of your capacity to focus and focus.

“Within the morning, the mind wants hydration and glucose to operate at its peak. That is how consuming a balanced breakfast helps present the mind with a gentle provide of glucose for sustained power and focus,” says Palinski-Wade. 

The timing of your night meal issues as nicely. “End dinner about three hours before bedtime to enhance sleep high quality, which is essential for sustaining focus and productiveness the following day,” she provides.

In relation to psychological efficiency, you shouldn’t underestimate the significance of a nutritious breakfast.

Enjoyable Reality: MyFitnessPal Premium provides members the flexibility to trace their meal timing with the Meals Timestamps characteristic! This characteristic permits them to learn the way when they eat can impression their power, exercises, and extra. Learn more or attempt a FREE 30-day Premium trial

To snack or to not sack: What’s going to enable you focus extra?

It’s tempting to succeed in for an energizing snack once you’re gearing up to make use of your mind or when your focus is fading in the midst of a tough process. And a chunk may very well be useful, in keeping with Palinski-Wade.

“The proper snack could improve focus and productivity. It may forestall dips in blood sugar, which makes it harder to focus.” 

Nevertheless, snacks should be well-balanced to advertise slow-digested power for regular focus. 

Palinski-Wade suggests you nibble on a handful of almonds and a chunk of fruit as a substitute of sugary merchandising machine snacks like a sweet bar. 

The Backside Line: The Proper Meals Can Enhance Focus

Identical to your physique wants meals for energy to maneuver, your mind wants it for reminiscence, creativity, problem-solving, and focus. 

For a brain-healthy weight loss plan, experts recommend fruit and veggies, leafy greens, fatty fish, nuts, legumes, and complete grains. With some planning, you’ll be able to incorporate these ‘good mind meals’ and their optimistic results into your meals.

And apps like MyFitnessPal might help.

Whether or not you swear by counting macros or choose to receive weekly reports that offer you a way of your habits, you’ll be able to embrace meals in your weight loss plan to spice up focus. You possibly can even customize your nutrition goals and make your own recipes to create a weight loss plan that’s tailored that can assist you focus. 

No matter how you intend and arrange your meals, one factor is obvious: What you eat issues. So attempt strategically including meals for focus and mind well being to your weight loss plan. It may go a good distance towards maintaining you sharp and mentally agile for years to return.

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Eat Wholesome Whereas Touring: Ideas and Snack Suggestions



Eat Wholesome Whereas Touring: Ideas and Snack Suggestions

For many individuals, probably the most thrilling issues about touring is tasting the native delicacies. It’s additionally completely regular to need to know learn how to eat wholesome whereas touring. 

In accordance with registered dietitian Emily Sullivan it’s not exhausting to steadiness once-a-year splurges and your wholesome way of life. 

Earlier than you pack, learn the following pointers and concepts for wholesome snacks, as really useful by a registered dietitian. This manner, you’ll be able to get pleasure from each minute of your trip—together with meals—whereas nonetheless making decisions that really feel good in your physique.

Does Touring Have an effect on Urge for food?

So, does travel hunger exist? At the least to a point, it would.

Some research suggests that lively touring—like journeys crammed with mountain climbing, biking, or different train—can have an effect on your starvation ranges. 

The research additionally exhibits that people who find themselves very lively on trip have a tendency to decide on extra contemporary fruit and greens than processed meals or purple meat to satisfy their bodily starvation and preserve their power ranges up. 

Touring throughout a number of time zones causes jet lag which analysis has proven results not solely your sleep but additionally your hunger cues. 

Why Do We Eat Extra When We Journey?

It’s not simply bodily starvation that makes you need to eat, particularly while you’re away from residence. “Some meals on trip might serve different functions, like attempting one thing new or making a reminiscence,” says Sullivan.

We might eat extra to attempt new issues, benefit from the second, or just indulge a bit. Consuming extra on trip received’t derail your progress, particularly when you’ve got nutritious meals all through the journey and work in some daily movement.

You usually run right into a higher number of meals while you journey in comparison with what you see at residence. New eating places, buffets, and road meals you’ll be able to’t discover at residence are round each nook. Analysis means that this added variety can result in consuming greater than regular.

“An enormous a part of touring and trip goes to new locations with completely different meals and elements,” says Sullivan. It’s okay to present your self some grace whereas touring by balancing bodily exercise and wholesome decisions whereas attempting new issues and indulging somewhat. 

3 Ideas for The best way to Eat Wholesome Whereas Touring

Sullivan says you don’t have to stress over what you eat on trip to remain on monitor in your well being journey.

One examine suggests that following a extra strict food regimen on weekends and holidays makes little distinction in terms of weight reduction upkeep over the lengthy haul.

“We all know that our well being is affected by vitamin and bodily exercise habits over a protracted time frame. So while you select to get pleasure from meals on trip that you simply don’t commonly get pleasure from at residence, launch your self from any guilt, and benefit from the second with your folks or household,” Sullivan says.

Listed here are three suggestions for consuming effectively whereas touring that may fulfill your thoughts, physique, and soul whilst you get pleasure from your trip!

1. Attempt to have some management over your parts

Eating places are infamous for his or her large portion sizes. Growing portion sizes can have an effect on public well being. They definitely make it exhausting to understand how a lot we must always eat at every meal. 

You don’t must eat the complete serving you’re given at a restaurant to completely get pleasure from it. 

Enjoyable reality: One method to monitor your parts on trip is to log them utilizing the MyFitnessPal app. You don’t have a meals scale in your journey, so use visual cues to make your finest guess at portion sizes.

Don’t get burdened in the event you exceed your traditional calorie consumption—you’re on trip! Monitoring offers you perception into your consuming patterns and is a confirmed a part of weight loss success.

Four white bowls filled with sliced grilled chicken, diced mango, and a mix of bell peppers placed on a bed of rice. The bowls are arranged on a purple surface. MyFitnessPal Blog

2. At all times eat breakfast and keep lively

For many individuals, healthy breakfasts are the precise method to begin any day, at residence or whereas touring. 

A nutritious morning meal—particularly one with some protein—may help management your starvation later within the day. Breakfast restores your body’s glucose, boosts power, and makes you are feeling extra alert after a interval of fasting. 

Some wholesome breakfasts you will discover in lots of locations embrace:

  • Oatmeal with fruit and nuts
  • Smoothies with fruit, veggies, and yogurt
  • Complete grain toast with avocado and an egg or smoked salmon

Staying active throughout your journey, like going for a stroll or having fun with a motorbike experience, can even increase your power degree as you do one thing good for each your thoughts and physique. Regular activity, particularly over the long run, may help you struggle off sickness, enhance your psychological well being, and keep mobility.

3. Drink extra water

Don’t overlook to pack your water bottle in your subsequent street journey! Drinking enough water every day has many well being advantages, together with helping with weight loss. Sip on water all through the day, particularly at meal instances, as a substitute of sugary drinks or sodas. 

Water can even enable you keep healthy digestion, which is a standard situation for a lot of vacationers.

Enjoyable reality: You’ll be able to simply monitor your water within the MyFitnessPal app!

A cinnamon roll you stress-eat on the airport doesn’t make recollections or add pleasure to your journey. Having wholesome snacks whereas consuming on the street—whether or not driving, on a practice, or on a airplane—is a simple method to eat effectively. 

Sullivan has some suggestions for meals which are good for touring:

  • An apple with string cheese
  • Hummus and veggies
  • Path combine with dried fruit and nuts
  • Greek yogurt with berries and granola
  • A peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole-grain bread

These snacks provide a mixture of carbohydrates, wholesome fat, and proteins to present you the nutrients you need and assist preserve you happy till the following mealtime.

The Backside Line

One or two weeks of trip shouldn’t derail all your well being targets. So take time to get pleasure from new or favourite meals whilst you journey, taking note of what feels good in your thoughts and physique.

Eat a wholesome breakfast, transfer all through the day, and be within the current second with your loved ones and buddies. 

Utilizing the MyFitnessPal app whereas touring may help you follow your consuming and vitamin targets, however don’t stress in the event you indulge a bit. You’ll return to traditional h

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